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Medical Cannabis Strain
Strain Name:Bubba Kush
Strain Type:Hybrid - Indica Dominant
Strain Lineage:OG Kush X West Coast Dog X Old World Kush ( Pre '98 Bubba Kush)
Strain Description:
Strain THC:
Strain CBN:
Strain CBD:

Medical Ailments

Medical cannabis patients with the following ailments report this strain as being of benefit.

Chronic Pain Anxiety Arthritis Gastointestal Insomnia
Multiple Sclerosis Parkinsons Disease Tension Anorexia Chemotherapy Convalescence
Decrease Hyperactivity Glaucoma Increase Appetite Mood Enhancer Muscle Relaxant
Protects against Cancer Protects Nervous System Nausea Reduce Pain Crohn's Disease
Spasms Migraines Back Pain Irritable Bowel Syndrome Joint Pain
Muscle Tension Vomiting Cancer AIDS Related Illness  

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